Fall Studio Fashion-Fitness-Glamour Photo Shoot - Britni Farand - Part 1

November 27, 2017

That's right, guys - the Brit is back! ;-) My incredibly cool gal-pal, ATX model and wiry muscle-muse Britni Farand made her way back to my studio in mid-November to work my lens in the style she delivers best - cute-badass.  We turnt up the 90s hip-hop and belched bounced through sets like it twas' no thing. :-P  Working with competitive bodybuilding/fitness clients in the studio is awesome, but so is working with beautiful, fit friends who automatically get just where you wanna go.  It's always a play-date and fun collaboration when we shoot together, and there ain't no stopping it.  Enjoy these samples from our first set!

Hair/makeup done by our awesome in-house HMUA stylist Grace Martin - thank you, ma'am! :-)