Contest-Shape Gym Photo Shoot - NPC NQ Figure/Physique Brandi Cherresse - Part 1

July 12, 2017

Had a chance to check out the 2017 Dallas Europa Games & Expo show in mid-June 2017 - lots of fit, beautiful people and awesome-looking competitors to behold! Also had the chance to line up a few shoots with IFBB pro and NPC competitors/models away from the studio.   

Enjoy this first set of photos shot of Louisianian NPC nationally qualified figure/physique competitor and personal trainer Brandi Cherresse (aka Barbelle Beauty Fitness) hitting the gym during the Europa show weekend.  She and fellow Louisianian IFBB Pro women's physique competitor/pal Mariko Augurson powered through occasional bouts of post-stage cramps and fatigue to deliver some lovely poses and workout reps for the camera.  More of this gorgeous lady and her gorgeous friend to follow! ;-)