I'm a freelance professional female physique photographer based in Central Texas.  I've over 15 years of experience shooting female bodybuilders and fitness models, and have worked with a wide range of athletes. 



The fit female body is a singular visual phenomenon.  Bold.  Sleek.  Autonomous.  A postmodern muse of muscle, majesty and mystique.  Its form weaves sensuality and strength with elegance and charisma; its presentation transcends conventional ideas of beauty and femininity, offering the viewer an evolutionary icon of peak health, confidence, and undeniable allure.



I approach each individual female physique photo shoot as an opportunity to energize and stylize the fit model's build according to her personality, humor, charm and presence.  I don't run a "spray-and-pray" set - achieving the best combination of light, shadow, pose and expression (whether in studio or on location) is a methodical process developed through years of work and I prioritize the quality of my photos over the quantity every time.  The model is subject, but she also knows her best assets and strongest features - I don't just dictate direction to her on-set, but use her input, curiosity and ideas to help build her fiercest fit looks in front of the lens.