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Fitness/Glamour/Fashion Studio Shoot - Anna - Part 1

March 20, 2016 - Believe it or not, Austin-based fitness model Anna doesn't regularly work out at the gym - instead, she gets her daily w...
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Fitness/Glamour/Fashion Shoot - Krysttal Lynn - Part 1

March 20, 2016 - Up-and-coming South Texas fitness model Krysttal Lynn trekked to my neck of the Lone Star State near the end of January...
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Physique/Fitness/Artistic Shoot - Britni Farand - Part 1

March 20, 2016 - So, I had the singular pleasure of welcoming pastry chef and hella-ripped fitness model (and gal-pal muse) Britni Farand...
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Physique-Glamour-Artistic Shoot - Keira Grant - Part 2

March 20, 2016 - Hey folks - yeah, a month has regrettably passed since my last update - all I can say is lots of work, occasional illnes...
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