E-G Pro Photo | Studio Boudoir/Figure Photo Shoot - Britni Farand - Part 2 (semi-SFW)

Studio Boudoir/Figure Photo Shoot - Britni Farand - Part 2 (semi-SFW)

February 07, 2018

[Apologies for the lapse in updates, folks - just finished duking it out with the flu for two weeks and am back up to snuff.  No joke, humans - get the flu shot if you haven't gotten it and take every possible precaution you can to avoid getting sick - this is basically the Deebo of seasonal viruses and you WILL get knocked the f@#k out!].

Viruses notwithstanding, I'm pleased to share these magical images from a figure set shot with my trusty muscle muse and ATX fitness model Britni Farand back in December.  Britni lets her bare physique flow free and effortlessly evokes a goddess/seraphic being waking and rising from the void.  As much kidding around as we sometimes do during our shoots together, Brit's professional focus and dynamic energy on set continue to amaze and impress me.  I'm privileged to be able to work with her when I can. :-)