F I E R C E   F E M A L E M U S C L E   A T   I T S   F I N E S T

Female bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes: when you put hundreds of thousands of grueling hours into training, dieting and sacrificing rest and recreation for modest muscle gains and lean conditioning, you need deserve sleek, sexy images that will make your physique pop right off the page and clothesline the viewer's ass over and over again.  Whether you're hitting contest shape for an upcoming competition, building muscle to market a sponsor's supplement, shredding up for a potential publication tearsheet op or simply seeking some new sultry photo content for your professional website or modeling portfolio, I'm ready to help you bring it to the stunned, adoring masses. 



"W h i c h  f e m u s c l e  f e m m e  a r e  y o u ?"


F E M U S C L E + T R A I N I N G          F E M U S C L E + L I F E S T Y L E


F E M U S C L E + S T U D I O         F E M U S C L E + F A S H I O N


F E M U S C L E + B O U D O I R          F E M U S C L E + S H O W T I M E



F E M U S C L E  +  T R A I N I N G

You train hard in your gym, in the local park, in any space where sweat, pain and focus are your best coaches.  Plan a gym/athletic photo shoot to show the world where you train and how much of a badass you become when you hit your second wind!


  F E M U S C L E  +  L I F E S T Y L E

You eat, breathe and sleep fitness and fit lifestyle.  You could be a personal trainer with a growing clientele, a bikini model and commercial talent seeking to snatch up a magazine cover, or even a fit mom with a busy schedule ready to blow up social media.  Plan a fit lifestyle photo shoot in studio or at a location of your choosing to showcase your personality and role-model energy!


  F E M U S C L E  +  S T U D I O

You are a Zen island unto yourself of ripped muscle and athletic intensity.  You need only a space, strobe lights, thumping music and a camera to draw out your inner amazon.  Plan a studio photo shoot to summon your strongest self in front of the lens!


F E M U S C L E  +  F A S H I O N


You've got your own fitness-wear-style to complement your killer shape, or you and a clothing designer are looking to showcase a new line of swimsuits/athletic wear for the post-modern, brand-savvy woman with muscle.  Plan your fit fashion photo shoot and let me help you debut your product to your target audience!


F E M U S C L E  +  B O U D O I R

You're ready to crank your muscle-goddess meter up to 11 and tear the knob off.  You're done playing nice - time to power-up your naughty!  Lingerie, fetish, bedroom, sensual - mix these edgier concepts with your muscles and you've got a captured audience ready to do your bidding.  Plan a boudoir physique shoot in studio or on location and let's make some monitors melt!


F E M U S C L E  +  S H O W T I M E

Fitness/bodybuilding show promoters, expo exhibitors, strongman competition organizers - seeking on-site feature coverage of your athletes, sponsored products and events?  My work isn't only limited to physique models - book me to help you capture your next show and stable of competitors on-stage, behind the scenes and kicking ass.  Phone-cam shots are fine in a pinch, but only high-quality images will truly impress your Facebook fans, Twitter followers and local media looking for your story!